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Irina, ukrainische Frau aus Dnipro, spricht Englisch, Französisch, Russisch

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Alter39 Steinbock
Größe175 cm
Gewicht50 kg

Popularität Mittel


Kinder im HaushaltJa
KinderSohn (4)

Ausbildung2 Universitätsabschlüsse
Beruf klinische Psychologin, Yogalehrerin

Über mich

Hello I am Irina, a single brunette Ukrainian girl with brown eyes from the city of Dnipro in Ukraine. I was born in Dnipro, Ukraine.

I am feminine, kind, sociable, purposeful. At the moment I work as a clinical psychologist, an instructor of hatha yoga and qigong. I professionally own massage and manual therapy, apply it from childhood, and also studied these disciplines at the institute. I study Sanskrit. I see my family as a possibility of sharing a conscious development, knowledge, a healthy and athletic way of life based on moral values ... I have something to share with a partner, so I can help with my knowledge and skills to organize healthy space external and internal , fill it with harmony, if a person is ready to change, work on themselves ... The sphere of my interests is the possibility of developing a person's consciousness, for this I study medicine, philosophy, psychology, practices of various cultures that help I fully experience this life ... I know the techniques of bodily-oriented therapy, which help to teach our body, the mind to relax as much as possible.. I am looking for a serious relation with the help of CQMI Matchmaking agency in 2018 to be your Ukrainianwife. I come from Eastern Europe.
Interessen und Hobbies

I am a Slavic bride born in Ukraine. I lead a healthy, active, athletic way of life, travel, I daily train, vegetarian for 17 years. I study Vedic culture, follow the principles of purity, non-violence..
Ich suche

I am a single Russian bride looking for a man. I am inspired by men who have spiritual and social goals, are actively moving towards them, have developed strong-willed qualities, independent, inveterate, responsible, resolute ... I am not inspired by men who sometimes smoke, drink, are lazy, who do not have goals that do not think about their existence, inert, passive, deceitful, with reduced moral standards .....