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Alina, ukrainische Frau aus Odessa, spricht Englisch, Russisch

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Alter32 Zwilling
Geboren inVinnytsia, Ukraine
Größe166 cm
Gewicht50 kg

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Kinder im HaushaltNein

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Über mich

Hello I am Alina, a single brunette Ukrainian girl with gray eyes from the city of Odessa in Ukraine. I was born in Vinnytsia, Ukraine.

I have a Creative personality, I am kind, caring, destroying stereotypes and frames, it is difficult for me to work in submission, so I try to realize myself in my own creative projects related to corporality and body therapy. Working with children is also interesting to me, so I am engaged in parallel with developing myself. I adhere to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. In my family I see my strong and kind-hearted man as the main person. I am able to give love, warmth, caring, affection and tenderness, to give support and inspiration to my beloved man, who protects me from worries, and the aggressive influence of the world, various difficulties and not women's affairs. Such a man at home can live in the full payoff of my love and respect. I was born in Vinnitsa. I grew up in Kharkov, where my parents live. I have been living in Odessa for 5 years already. I love the sea and the sun, so I moved here. I work as nanny girls-sisters 7 and 9 years. I like to cook and create a home cosiness, both at home and at work. Ripe for a harmonious family. In Ukraine, I do not see any great prospects for a happy life, and I do not want my children to grow and learn here. Long wondering where I would like to live and create a family, I decided that green Canada is a great place. But I can consider other countries. Now I want to meet my man, my soul mate and soul. Healthy, sincere, successful, with a healthy sense of humor, a man who aims to create a family. I am looking for a serious relation with the help of CQMI Matchmaking agency in 2018 to be your Ukrainianwife. I come from Eastern Europe.
Interessen und Hobbies

I am a Slavic bride born in Ukraine. I do everything creatively in my life) I'm fond of psychology, esotericism, philosophy, I constantly develop, I'm engaged in vocals, I like to dance and I'm looking for a suitable dance style for myself, I want to go deep, I like drawing, sewing, doing needlework. I love nature, forests and ponds, they fill me and inspire me. I love walks on let down the air in beautiful and pleasant places. I do not like large crowds of people. I have several true friends with whom I love to communicate. with myself I'm also very interested) I love animals very much. I have three affectionate seals. I like to communicate with children, that's why I chose this work. I consider this an excellent occupation for a woman and this will serve as a good experience in life for me, as a future mother. I love cooking, but in the mood, like everything else).
Ich suche

I am a single Russian bride looking for a man. Next to me I see an optimist, open and sincere, strong and successful in male manifestations, feeling and knowing his masculine nature, capable of sympathizing with others, taking care of, taking responsibility for his actions and life, taking responsibility for his woman, loving nature and animals, sports, watching their physical form, leading a healthy lifestyle, developing personally, with a good and kind sense of humor, courageous, a little brutal, but kind-hearted, capable of aggression and male power for example in constructive activities such as work, business, achievement of objectives.!