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Olga, ukrainische Frau aus Poltava, spricht Englisch, Russisch

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Alter38 Steinbock
Geboren inPoltava
Größe175 cm
Gewicht59 kg


Kinder im HaushaltJa
KinderSohn (14)


Ausbildung2 Universitätsabschlüsse
BerufBusiness owner- chef entreprise

Über mich

Hello I am Olga, a single blonde Ukrainian girl with gray eyes from the city of Poltava in Ukraine. I was born in Poltava, Ukraine.

Many people call me a fairy fay, and this is my favorite character trait. Being a fairy is not so easy, but I'm trying ... and it seems to me that I'm very good at it! And do you know what the funniest thing? After all, I bring people light in the truest sense of the word. Well)) Let's go down a bit to the ground ... my offspring is a company which select and sale lighting systems. I am in love with my job and I spend lot of time to develop and improve what already have been done. Enough of work Other thing what makes me happy is gardening. When I was living in a house, I made garden with my own hands.... I am looking for a serious relation with the help of CQMI Matchmaking agency in 2018 to be your Ukrainianwife. I come from Eastern Europe.
Interessen und Hobbies

I am a Slavic bride born in Ukraine. I strongly disagree with people who say that gardening is a hobby for pensioners, it is a hobby for people, who love ground, who love to give new life and create something beautiful and alive. Roses, peonies, gladioluses, daffodils, bells… they please the eye and I am very happy that I put my hand to such beauty. Also I cannot exist long without sea! I find every opportunity to watch, swim, breathe, live by the sea .....
Ich suche

I am a single Russian bride looking for a man. The most important qualities that my future elect must have is good, friendly attitude to people, children, animals. He should not be cruel, but at the same time not weak. Person who can listen and who will be willing to talk, discuss and find solutions together. I would like to see the desire to find a common language with my son, become friends with him.
Now relax and let`s have a minute of positive…Ill! Diagnosis "Acute failure of fairy-tale events in my life". Recipe - "Rest: Champagne, Love!"