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Natalia, russische Frau aus Krasnodar, spricht Englisch, Russisch

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Alter33 Wassermann
Größe150 cm
Gewicht43 kg

Popularität Hoch


Kinder im HaushaltNein


Über mich

Hello I am Natalia, a single blonde Russian bride with brown eyes living in the city of Krasnodar in Russia. I am Charming, kind, gentle lady.

Thanks to architectural education and training in design, I create beauty and comfort of the cities of the future. With love, I create cosiness and beauty in the interior. I am dissolved in creativity, embodying with my hands. I adore spending time with paints and brushes, splashing out colors of desire on a canvas. I will present my chosen man with tenderness, happiness and respect. I want to build a serious relation with the help of CQMI marriage agency. I am a Russian speaking girl who believes that love has no border .
Interessen und Hobbies

I am a Russian bride born in Russia. I obey to mountain tops - mighty, passionate and attracting. Like to slide on white, soft snow on mountain skis, to feel the strong wind holding me in its strong embraces. I am captivated by force and power of horses, enjoying fast riding in the wood and inhaling tasty damp air with full breast. I am inspired by impressions of travel. Get attracted by new countries and cities, traditions, cultures. I adore lying on hot sand feeling pleasant cool of water tickling my legs. With pleasure, I play races with wind on a bicycle and in easy jog. I cook delicious coffee and create culinary masterpieces. With ease and creativity, I organize actions and events. Love cinema, adore following the hero.
Ich suche

I am a single Russian and English speaking bride looking for a man for marriage. I'm looking for a kind, strong, intelligent man with a sense of humor. I will give to my man tenderness, happiness and respect.