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Valeriya, ukrainische Frau aus Dnipro, spricht Englisch, Russisch

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Alter30 Waage
Größe154 cm
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Über mich

Hello I am Valeria a single blonde Ukrainian lady with green eyes living in Dnipro in Ukraine. Hi! Now you're reading these lines, and maybe now our happy story begins...

My name is Valeria, I'm 30, and I consider myself a happy and very positive person. They say about me that I am one of the brightest and most joyful people. You can see it by my sincere smile in the photo.

The only thing I want most now is to find my man with whom I will share my happiness and create a harmonious relationship. I know that I will make him the happiest, there will always be sincerity, love and warmth in our relationship.

For me, relationships are first and foremost about caring for each other. Love is when we love each other as we are, not trying to improve each other. The most important thing is to be able to talk and negotiate.

I and those girls who have already defined their desires and visions, I am open to new acquaintances and I am ready to work on creating a happy future.

A few facts about me:

1. I am a sociable person, I have many friends and acquaintances. I want to spend my free time with my family and friends. But my man is always a priority for me!

2. active, easy to climb and never boring with me. Reliable, always support you in difficult situations and will be on your side. I can support an interesting conversation and even discuss business issues.

3. I have everything in my life except the main thing - it's love. I didn't register on this site just to talk and chat with someone. I am here to create a serious relationship.

I promise that I will always be honest and sincere with you. For me, the main thing in a relationship is openness, willingness to listen and hear.

It is wonderful when there is full understanding in a relationship, I understand that it is a great job and I am ready to go. The most important thing is to find your own person and then everything will become much easier, because it is a great happiness to speak "one language", the language of love...

I want to build a relationship with a man with whom we will have the same interests and full understanding. Happy family, cozy home, children's laughter. Let's get to know each other and share our dreams, maybe they will coincide?.... I want to find my man with the help of marriage agency. I come from Ukraine. I am a Russian speaking girl and have traditional family values.
Interessen und Hobbies

I am a Slavic woman born in Ukraine . I really like to travel. The best fun for me is to travel. What could be better than walking together by the streets of small towns, tasting the delicious local cuisine and learning about the country's traditions.

I love sports, especially fly yoga, cycling and swimming. Sometimes I draw, I love to read.

Ich suche

I am a single Russian and English speaking bride . Most of all in a man I'm attracted to the mind and manners, through them the level of a man is immediately felt. I can speak on very diverse topics - from business to travel. I have something to tell, I can listen and hear. It is important that it is interesting to talk with a man (if he wants). I understand perfectly what I want and what I want, there is a clear understanding of happiness and my "picture of the world." And I can only be happy with an ambitious man who knows how to succeed and knows the taste of victories. Yes, it still has a male core.