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Viktoria, ukrainische Frau aus Kiev, spricht Englisch, Russisch

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Alter33 Fische
Größe165 cm
Gewicht52 kg

Popularität Hoch


Kinder im HaushaltJa
KinderSohn (13)

BerufHuman resources-Ressources humaines

Über mich

Hello I am Viktoria a romantic single brunette Ukrainian lady with brown eyes living in Kiev in Ukraine. My family and friends say about me that I have the strength of character combined with the kindness of the soul.

In my life, there were many challenges to overcome and I became more experienced and wiser. I'm always optimistic about the future. Never resting on our laurels and strive for self-development and self-improvement. I am a winner in life.
I am a very empathic person and always ready to help and support a person. At the same time, my goodness, tenderness and sensitivity make me a good friend. I love art and nature, spending time with family and friends. I come from Ukraine. I am a Russian speaking girl and have traditional family values.
Interessen und Hobbies

I am a Slavic woman . As a child, I was engaged in folk dancing for 10 years. Since then, the passion for dancing has remained. So how can there be a dance without music? I love to attend the dance shows, concerts, favorite singer, I like to dance with friends. Also, I like to visit the historical and contemporary exhibitions and museums. I was inspired by the work of talented artists and photographers. All this is an important part of my life. With my son, we visit New technology exhibition and conference, I try to follow the innovations in the world of science technology. Also, I like to be in nature: for a walk or a picnic or trip.
Ich suche

I am a single Russian and English speaking bride . I am looking for an Active man with a healthy lifestyle, responsibility, care, and commitment.