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Taysyia, ukrainische Frau aus Poltava, spricht Englisch, Russisch

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Alter43 Widder
Geboren inKharkiv. Ukraine
Größe176 cm
Gewicht68 kg

Popularität Gering


Kinder im HaushaltJa
KinderTochter (8)
 Tochter (13)
 Tochter (13)

Berufmarketeuse- marketing

Über mich

Hello I am Taysia, a single red hair Ukrainian girl with brown eyes from the city of Poltava, Ukraine in Ukraine. I was born in Kharkov, Ukraine.

I'm 42 years old and 7 years old I'm divorced. I have 3 daughters - 11 years-twins and 16 years. The eldest daughter graduated from school this year. I work as a marketer, I really like my work-a lot new and interesting every day. In my free time, we go for walks with the children, we go for a drive on sledges, skates, we go to the cinema. We try to spend a lot of time actively. In the evenings, I like reading books or drawing pictures by numbers. I am engaged in fitness, with pleasure I ride a bicycle. I have many friends with whom we often spend time.
The most important thing for me is family values-trust in the family, help one another, the ability to share joy for small and big victories. I'm not a housewife in my nature-I like social communication, being in the center of events, however, there is time for work, and there is time for family.
It is very important for me to spend time together-walking in the park, traveling, just sitting in a cafe drinking tea or silently reading books together.. these are all those little things that make me happy.
No less important is the material aspect. A man who can and wants to provide a decent life for his children and his woman is the right of respect. I do not need diamond plates with pearl shores, but I do not have to borrow money from my neighbors. I want to be proud of my man and will help him in every possible way.
For me, confidence in the future is important. I am looking for a serious relation with the help of CQMI Dating agency in Ukraine to be your Ukrainian wife. I live in Eastern Europe.
Interessen und Hobbies

I am a Russian bride born in Ukraine. I like reading, drawing by numbers, walking, active way of life. I am happy to be realized in various social projects.
Ich suche

I am a single Russian bride looking for a man. It's important, that he does not smoke, alcohol is within reason. Presence of one's own interests, ability to take care of a woman. It is desirable to live in a suburb. It is desirable that the interests were) Reading, sports, dancing, motorcycles, it does not matter.
Kind, not stingy, loves children, maybe has animals. He prefers an active lifestyle, not closed in 4 walls. He likes to travel and is intellectually developed. He is able to provide for himself, his family and is ready for a new family.